YFC outreach updates

16.11.11- ‘ The Truth About Tigers’ was screened for around 470 students of 9th, 11th and 12 standard at Monfort School, Trichy. It was followed by a very good interaction. Students wanted to give their sound bytes about the programme and also about how YFC’s programmes are useful for them. We had a serious interaction with 12th standard students on choosing their career and sustainable living.

17.11.11- A real marathon covering 3 different schools.

1. Y.W.C.A Matriculation school- Around 360 students of classes 6th to 12th watched the film.

2. Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher secondary School, Guntur- Around 400 students from classes 6th to 9th watched the film and it was followed by a very good interaction. The quiz went off very well and many students were very serious about the issue.

3. Mahatma Gandhi Mr. Hr. Sec School- Around 380 students from classes 9th to 11th watched the film and it was followed by a very good interaction.

Ramnath Chandrasekhar

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  1. Nitesh Shriyan says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a lot of interest in wildlife and I believe that we should try to save what has been given to us by mother nature. I generally google about wildlife and read articles to keep myself updated which is when I came across your documentary ‘The Truth About Tigers’.
    I believe its one of the most well made documentaries which gives a clear picture about the state and lack of political will in saving our National Animal. It’s such a shame that some people have no respect for life let be it of an animal (in this case our National Animal). Hats off to you for shooting this film and ensuring it reaches to the people with a clear message. Its sad to see that people have resorted to killing animals for easy money. As stated in your documentary, I believe there should be stringent laws and it should be implemented more vigorously.
    As you have rightly said “Passion without action is of little use”, I have started to do my bit for conservation by spreading the message and by talking to my friends and peers about the same. I would like to be a part of your conservation efforts. Do let me know if I can help in anyways.

  2. randy says:

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