The simplest way you can support tiger conservation is by directing people to this site and by encouraging them to watch the film, ‘The Truth about Tigers’.

If you wish to do more, you can:

1.  Help arrange screenings of Shekar Dattatri’s film ‘The Truth about Tigers’ in your city, town or village, or to members of your organization.

2.  Obtain a DVD of the film from us and screen it yourself at schools, colleges, Rotary Clubs and to other groups.

If you wish to do even more, and have a serious, practical proposal, please contact us using the Contact Form and we will get back to you.


    Analyse the Crisis

    Why are tigers disappearing from our forests, and what do we need to do to reverse their decline? This section provides a clear analysis of India’s tiger crisis and the solutions that are available to prevent the needless extinction of our national animal.


    Understand the Tiger

    The tiger is a large, territorial, meat-eating animal that needs about 3000 kg of live prey every year and undisturbed forests to live in. Any attempts to save this charismatic predator will only succeed if we have a clear understanding of what tigers need.


    Defend the Tiger

    Passion without action is of little use. If we are to save this priceless gift of nature, thousands of well-informed citizens must raise their voices and actively participate in conservation efforts. Learn about what you can do.


    Experts speak!

    Read what some of the world’s leading experts on tigers and their conservation have to say. Their distilled wisdom can transform you from a sympathizer to a true defender of wild tigers.


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