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If you’re searching for a stand mixer for your home kitchen that can tackle large batches and thick heavy dough then the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus may be the right mixer for you. Experienced home cooks will find that this dependable and well designed essential kitchen aid will not only make their time spent in the kitchen easier but more enjoyable as well.

The Pro 5 Plus stand mixer has been designed to knead, mix, whip and stir up to 10 dozen cookies, 6 loves of white bread, or 7 pounds of mashed potatoes at a time! The versatile attachment hub located on the front of the mixer is a wonderful feature that allows for added usability of the mixer.

There are more than 15 additional attachments (sold separately) ranging from a citrus juicer to a ravioli maker allowing you to extend the usefulness of this one machine. Just imagine all of new things you could do while eliminating the need for additional kitchen appliances.

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Kitchenaid Professional Complete Review

What Comes With My New Mixer?

Along with your new Professional 5 Plus Series stand mixer you will receive three attachments and a 5 quart bowl.

The 5-quart wide mouth polished stainless steel bowl can hold up to 12 cups of all purpose flour. The dishwasher safe bowl also has an ergonomic handle designed to fit the contour of your hand making it easier to lift a heavy bowl.

The PowerKnead spiral dough hook efficiently rolls and punches dough in such a way that almost replicates hand-kneading it. The professional stainless steel wire whip rapidly increases the airflow into egg mixtures for stiff souffles. The flat beater is specially designed to work with the KitchenAid planetary mixing action and to ensure thoroughly mixed ingredients.

Powerful Enough To Handle The Heaviest Mixtures

The 450 watt motor and direct drive all steal gear transmission offers up thirty percent more power than the previous 5 quart stand mixers allowing it to easily handle heavy yeast bread dough and thick batters. The durable die-cast metal stand mixer measures 16” H x 15” D x 11” W. Weighing 29 pounds this is a heavy duty piece of equipment that wont walk off the counter when mixing sticky bread dough.

The Planetary Mixing Action

The planetary mixing action feature eliminates the need to rotate the bowl. Instead this feature allows the shaft to spin counter clockwise while the attachment spins separately in a clockwise direction. As the attachment moves it will make a continual rotation around the bowl touching 67 different points.

Unique Speed Control And Settings

The KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series mixer has 10 variable speeds allowing you to select the right setting needed for your mixing job. The soft start feature helps to prevent your ingredients from splashing out of the mixer by slowly starting the machine before increasing gradually to the selected speed. The built in electronic speed sensor ensures that your selected speed will be maintained even if you are mixing a heavy batter or a large batch.

Along with the adjustable speed settings there are other valuable features to help protect your mixer. The lock-rotor protection function will automatically shut off the mixers motor if something obstructs the mixing action preventing mechanical damage.

Even the most efficient and quality built machines can overheat if mixing a heavy bread dough or another large recipe. For that reason KitchenAid designed the Overload Reset mechanism, an auto-off function that helps to prevent the overheating of the mixers motor. The feature kicks in as soon as the mixer begins to reach a potentially damaging temperature. The unit will automatically shut itself off saving your unit from burning up inside.

Professional Bowl-Lift Design

The KitchenAid Profressional 5 Plus is a bowl-lift mixer. The bowl has two brackets that fit over support pins on the mixers lifting mechanism. This mechanism is made up of a solid metal arm and a stainless-steel lever. At the back of the bowl is an additional metal nub that rests in a niche on the mixer. The bowl is lifted up by the handle located on the side of the mixer and will lock the bowl into place while the ingredients are being mixed. The bowl-lift mixer is designed to handle large recipes and heavy mixtures while effortless rising the heavy ingredients up to the beater.

What About A Warranty?

KitchenAid has always stood by its products. Should something unfortunate occurs they provide a hassle-free one year replacement warranty. Simply call the company and they will replace it at no charge to you.

Good Bad Kitchenaid

What Other’s Are Saying: The Good And The Bad

I do my best to give an honest review of every product. However, having another opinion can sometimes be helpful. There will always be negative and positive experiences with every product and I try to give a representation of both here. I believe that this is a solid product and by looking at the number of positive reviews compared to those who were unfortunately unhappy with their mixer you will see that the positive out number the others. I have also found that there is quite often a simple explanation to the problems people have had with their mixers.

A few concerns included:

Some owners of the Professional 5 Plus Series stand mixer felt that this mixer took up a lot of room on their kitchen counters. They discovered that it was too tall to simply push under their upper cupboards. You will want to double check your measurements before buying this tall mixer. You may also want to consider storing it somewhere there will be nothing above it. On a positive note, with this type of lifting mechanism it does not take the room needed for the tilt head mixer.

Another KitchenAid owner mentioned that the whisk didn’t reach the bottom of her bowl so she was having to scrape the dough down with a spatula. This problem is easily corrected by adjusting the screw under the motor head. This screw is also used to adujst the beaters if they are hitting the bottom of the bowl. The instructions on how to do this are in the owners manual that accompanied your mixer.

A third common concern was the mixer was louder than expected when used. This however is due to the durable all metal gearing. Quieter mixers typically have nylon gears which can quickly become stripped when mixing heavy yeast dough. One reviewer commented that “The mixer is a little louder than I’d like but…it isn’t really any louder than my microwave.”

The number of positive customer experiences with this lift-bowl mixer greatly out number the concerns I have found. There are almost 100 5 star reviews on alone. While there are way to many for me to mention here I have included some of the most recent below.

5  stars  KitchenAid

LOVE, this product! It is the best purchase I’ve made for the kitchen! I bake cakes as a side job and this mixer holds A LOT of batter and stands up to the demands of hours of cake and icing making. The bowl is comfortable to handle and large enough to hold what I need; but not too big that it’s awkward. I prefer the bowl lift (as opposed to the head tilt) and the lifting mechanism is very smooth to operate. The machine itself is sturdy and a total work horse. I highly recommend it! – FullyBlessed, Agust 13, 2011

Great Mixer!

Good Looking great Mixer – Heavy Duty – Made in American. Need I say more? Makes excellent homemade bread and pizza dough. – James D. (Houston, Tx USA), July 14, 2011

Great mixer

I have had this mixer for 3 years. I does exactly what I want it to do. I have never had any problems with it. I use it for bread dough, cookies, mashed potatoes and I fill it up as much as I can, overfilling it according to the instructions, but it still does the job every time.
– C. Simpson “musikmama” (Oshkosh, WI United States), June 29, 2011

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What Else Can I Do With This Mixer?

By utilizing the additional attachments and the hub feature you can turn your stand mixer into a multifunctional kitchen appliance. While these attachments are sold separately they are defiantly worth taking a closer look at.

Some of the popular attachments include:

  • Citrus Juicer
  • Food Grinder
  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Pasta Excellence Kit
  • Ravioli Maker

If you are interested in these attachments or looking at the other options you can find them here.

Final Thoughts

With all that the Pro 5 Series stand mixer has to offer the home chef its no wonder America loves this iconic kitchen aid. The Professional series bowl-lift stand mixer is a great choice for a bizzy home cook.

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